Celebration of Light

Vancouver's Celebration of Light international fireworks competition (4 hours)

Each year English Bay is lit up in a symphony of fire when Vancouver hosts a four-night spectacular International fireworks competition, Celebration of Light.

What is the Celebration of Light?  It’s an amazing spectacle of Vancouver’s fireworks competition between different countries. These aren’t just any old bottle rockets and roman candles; these are big daddies that shoot way up into the night and light up the entire sky in English Bay for brief moments. Everything is synchronized with music and truly is an amazing sight. Each day you go, will be sure to wow your sensors of vision with spectacular displays of amazing fireworks put together with music that makes it a “must see” event! No place better to view than on your own-chartered private yacht, anchored in English Bay right in front of the event!  Small Children to Great Grand Parents will be sure to thank you for the enjoyment of experiencing the an event in such a magnificent method!