Harbour Cruise

Harbour Cruise (4 hours)

We start from Coal Harbour, the home of Captains Impatient. From here we cruise around beautiful Stanley Park heading west to Lions Gate Bridge to start our day! Perhaps we will drop some crab traps for when we return. We will then tour the inner Vancouver Harbour out along the West Vancouver shoreline to Point Atkinson, into English Bay and False Creek. From here, we will travel past Granville Island, which is full of unique shops, great restaurants, marine stores and much more. You will witness the live energy where the marine world meets the inner city. Further into False Creek you will see the site of the 1986 Vancouver Expo and catch fresh Dungeness crab.  This is an ideal company staff cruises and of course we are fully equipped and able to serve a choice of tasty meal or snack selections for your enjoyment! Another great way to enjoy this incredible cruise is to start in the evening, returning at night when you and your guests can enjoy beautiful Vancouver’s city lights and skyline. A truly beautiful site to see, fantastic photo opportunities and an exciting evening experience!